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Companies starting with F

FKS Watersports Kitesurf School

FKS Watersports Kitesurf School

"Let yourself be seduced by learning and enjoying water-sports in our school. We offer customized Kite and Surf lessons, making sure the maximum safety and fun. Get an individualized higher quality service and unbeatable prices. You will obtain a base level that will suit you with enough confidence to be ready for water . Includes all theoretical / practical knowledge that will make you move to the next level." content taken from FKS Watersports Kitesurf School kitesurf school official website.

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Flag Beach Kitesurf School

Flag Beach Kitesurf School

"The first day of the beginner course is entirely land based. We start the day off with theory lesson, explaining the essential background needed to continue the sport safely. This includes wind and weather knowledge, location assessment and equipment types, setup, and safety systems. After this we continue to beach flying. Learning all the maneuvers needed for when we go into the water. This is done with a special training kite that behaves and is controlled like the larger kites you will use in the water when kitesurfing but does not have the power of a large kitesurfing kite." content taken from Flag Beach Kitesurf School kitesurf school official website.

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FSCH-Fuerteventura Kitesurf School

FSCH-Fuerteventura Kitesurf School

"Today you will learn the theory of the wind and how to set up your equipment. You will get to fly a training kite and after a small 4-line-kite. Later you will learn some basic safety systems and how to pack down your equipment. Now it is time to get familiar with the kites that you will be using on the water. You will learn all about the control of a big kite what you gonna use on the water, theory about relaunching from the water, selfrescue ecersises and loads of exercises for the waterstart . Now you are ready to go in the water. You will fly the kite in the water and practise body dragging, launching and landing alone on the beach and in the water, board recovery and first waterstarts." content taken from FSCH-Fuerteventura Kitesurf School kitesurf school official website.

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