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Surf Riders Kitesurf School

Surf Riders Kitesurf School

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"You will learn all about the control of a big kite what you gonna use on the water, theory about relaunching from the water, selfrescue ecersises and loads of exercises for the waterstart . Now you are ready to go in the water. You will fly the kite in the water and practise body dragging, launching and landing alone on the beach and in the water, board recovery and first waterstarts. This is the last day of your course and it is time to get on the board. First you will practise on land to get the feel for the board start and then you move on to the water. It might take a few attempts but soon you will be up on the board riding. – You are now a independent kiteboarder!" content taken from Surf Riders Kitesurf School kitesurf school official website.


  • Street: Calle El Medano 14
  • Postcode: 35660
  • City: Corralejo
  • State: Fuerteventura


  • Telephone: +34 928 536 209
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Surf Riders Kitesurf School